How to Write the Perfect Yard Sale Ad

Yard sales are a great way to not only declutter your house but also make quite a bit of cash. When it comes to hosting a successful yard sale, however, a lot depends upon your advertising strategy. You’ll want to write a compelling ad that will stand out and attract attention. In addition, you’ll need to post the ad in a place where it can be seen by people not only in your community, but in nearby cities as well. The first thing a lot of people do on a Saturday morning is ask, “Are there any yard sales near me?” For legions of enthusiasts nationwide, yard sales are a weekly hobby and they’ll drive hundreds of miles for a good sale if they’re attracted by an ad.

These tips will help you write a successful yard sale ad — and help you post it where people will see it.

What to Include in Your Ad

Here’s the most relevant information you’ll need to include in your ad:

Date/Time of the Sale, and Directions

It’s crucial to include the correct date and the exact time of the sale, plus your address and explicit directions on how to get there from a variety of locations. It’s okay to put “7 a.m. until sundown,” but be prepared for latecomers. There are plenty of early bird bargain hunters out there, so if you don’t want folks to arrive too early, state clearly “No early birds.” By doing this you’ll miss customers, however, so it’s worth sacrificing sleep to get up early and greet them.

Items in the Sale

The phrase “Too many items to list” can be off-putting to garage sale enthusiasts. You need to list as many items as you can, with a few words describing their condition.


Photos can sell things faster than words, so include clear, colorful photos of your most appealing items.

Writing the Ad

You should start with a headline that really grabs attention, such as: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity! Not Your Average Yard Sale — Bargains on Hundreds of Amazing, Hard-to-Find Items!”

Use descriptive adjectives to make your items sound as appealing as possible. For example, to describe an antique sewing machine, you could write “Rare Americana Antique Sewing Machine — Makes a Designer Statement!”

A little bit of humor goes a long way, too, such as: “Husbands welcome — we have lots of things he’ll like too!” Speaking of this, it always helps to include things that are typically popular with men, such as outdoor equipment, electronics, video games, lawnmowers and man cave collectibles. Be sure to list these items in your ad. By appealing to men as well as women, you’ll get a lot more customers — especially bargain-hunting couples.

Post the Ad Early So People Can Plan

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to place their ad the week before a yard sale instead of giving potential customers enough time to plan. You should post your ad as early as possible — some experienced garage sale hosts say that two months isn’t too early. Just make sure to keep the ad running until the sale.

Where to Post Your Ad is hands-down the best site for posting your garage sale ad. For one thing, posting ads is free, so you won’t have to pay a cent. ClassifiedAds has a huge Internet following of people from all over the country, so your ad could potentially be seen by tens of thousands of people or more. Plus, has a user-friendly template that makes it easy to include photos and edit your ad after you’ve posted it, as well as a support team that offers expert help in posting your ad.

With a creatively-written, descriptive ad touched with a bit of humor, you can attract huge crowds to your garage sale — and the more people you have, the more items you’ll sell.