Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: Options and Advantages

An extended vacation–more than a night, two or three–allows for a wide variety of options with respect to lodging. A hotel experience can offer anything from a simple room to a suite. Vacation rentals include lodging options like apartments, condos and entire houses.

Depending on your needs, there are advantages to both vacation rentals and hotels.

Vacation Rentals: Condos, Apartments and Entire houses

If you plan an extended trip, especially if it’s for a week or more, vacation rentals are the way to go if you’re going to be staying in the same area the entire time. By deciding on a vacation rental, you often have the luxury of paying less, having more privacy, having all the amenities you require under the same roof, the ability to cook and do laundry and may have covered parking for your personal car.

Additionally, unlike a hotel, vacation rentals generally don’t charge per person. This way you can split the cost among a large number of people to lower the individual costs for everyone.

Advantages of a Hotel

Hotels are a great option if you plan to go to different places on your vacation and if you only plan to stay in the same place for a day or two. If you plan to eat out every night and don’t have any need to wash your clothes, a hotel is a better option. Also, if you don’t want to clean your own room, make your own bed or worry about keeping the bathroom clean, a hotel provides all those services.

However, per person, hotels usually cost more, and unless you plan on getting an all-inclusive suite, the amount of space you have in a hotel is limited.

When a Vacation Rental Is a Better Idea

There are a number of scenarios when a vacation rental is your best option. It is worth considering a vacation rental when:

  • You have time to plan and find the perfect vacation rental, call and check availability and make all the necessary arrangements.
  • When your group has a large number of people on a limited budget who will have to make big sacrifices on vacation in order to pay the nightly, individual rates that hotels require.
  • When you have a group of people who want spacious lodging. For example, when you are taking a vacation during the off-season to a place with inclement weather and you need the ability to stay indoors–without getting cabin fever–if the weather goes south.
  • If you are traveling internationally and need a place you can be certain your personal belongings will be safe if you choose to take day trips to destinations in the immediate area.

When a Hotel Might Suit You Better

While vacation rentals are ideal in most cases, there are times when a hotel is a better fit. Choosing a hotel is best when:

  • You aren’t certain what your plans are on vacation, you don’t have much time and you didn’t have much time to actually plan your vacation.
  • You aren’t interested in cooking your own food or cleaning up the mess others make after they cook.
  • When you aren’t familiar with the people you’re vacationing with and want the option of getting privacy from them without having to lock yourself in a room.

While there are pros and cons to both vacation rentals and hotels, most depend on your personal needs and ability to plan.

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