Toyota 4Runners Are The Best SUV for These 5 Reasons

The Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular and best-selling SUVs on the market. For over 30 years the 4Runner has provided consumers with rugged features and refined styling. There are several reasons why the 4Runner is better than any other SUV.

1. Exceptional Safety

Buying an SUV with a great safety record is a must, especially if you have a family. There are several safety features offered when purchasing a Toyota 4Runner. This SUV has both driver and passenger air bags as well as several side air bags. A variety of airbags and a great breaking system are only the beginning when it comes to 4Runners’ great safety features.

With recent models you’ll also be getting a blind spot monitor, child safety locks and a rollover protection system. The lighting system provides exceptional safety with auto-leveling headlights and daytime running lights. Crash ratings for the Toyota 4Runner are consistently rated above average for safety.

2. Excellent Reliability

This is an SUV that has built a long-standing reputation for exceptional reliability. Reliability can be a vague concept but generally means it will spend very little time in the shop and will consistently run in prime condition.

According to Consumer Reports, the Toyota 4Runner has been given high marks for its history of being reliable. Most experts across the board agree that the reliability of the Toyota 4Runner is unrivaled.

3. Fantastic Performance

Experiencing a great ride while enjoying exceptional handling is a priority for nearly anyone purchasing a new vehicle. The Toyota 4Runner is legendary for its off-road capabilities. The rugged frame and high-performance shocks enable the vehicle to withstand a rough ride. If you’re looking forward to family outings, rough terrain and plenty of adventure, the 4Runner is definitely one of the best vehicles on the market.

No matter what type you purchase, each of the 4Runners are known for their powerful engines and lots of horsepower. This gives you plenty of passing power and an extra sense of security behind the wheel. If you find yourself in mud or snow, the vehicle has a locking rear differential that will enable you to gain more traction.

4. Great Features

According to Carjojo, the Toyota 4Runner offers a power back window and is the only SUV in its class that currently offers this option. Being able to load and remove items without actually opening the tailgate provides exceptional convenience. Other features that make the 4Runner so appealing include stylish interior design and the high-tech instrument panel.

This is an SUV that also has the capability to pull large loads. The Toyota 4Runner can tow up to 5,000 pounds, giving you lots of options for weekend getaways or work-related hauling. This SUV also includes a crawl control feature that will help the vehicle slowly make its way down a particularly steep incline.

5. High Resale Value

Forbes states that Toyota 4Runners retain 72 percent of their value after three years. This makes the 4Runner one of the top vehicles for resale value. Because of its solid build and high reliability ratings, it’s no wonder these vehicles have incredible high resale value.

The Toyota brand is well-known for building vehicles that still run smoothly and reliably well past 100,000 miles. For those looking for a durable, long-lasting SUV that also includes attractive styling, it’s hard to beat the Toyota 4Runner.

Safety, lots of options and a comfortable ride all make the 4Runner a top choice for consumers. Here at, we provide an extensive variety of cars, trucks and SUVs to choose from. We offer step-by-step instructions for navigating our website so you can find precisely the type of vehicle you’re looking for as quickly as possible.Start your search for the 4Runner to fit your budget.