Top 5 Trending Online Degrees

The beauty of online schooling options is flexibility. If you are working or have other commitments that require a great deal of your time during the day, online certifications and degrees are ideal. And, even if the profession that interests you isn’t of the type you can learn online, many of the trending degrees and certifications are also offered as flexible training courses.

The top trending online (and offline) degrees and certifications include:

1) Nurse – Across the country, doctor’s offices, hospitals, out-patient clinics, treatment centers and post-op facilities are struggling to find nurses. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, becoming a nurse is something you can accomplish the majority of online. No matter what your schedule looks like, if you are a capable thinker and a hard worker, it is within your means to obtain an online nursing degree.

2) Dental Assistant – A large portion of the schooling required to become a dental student is theory- and method-based rather than practical in nature. As such, it is possible to take a large number of the classes required to become a dental assistant online. While you will need to take strict practical courses and – more than likely – perform an internship, getting started is easy to fit into your schedule once you are accepted into a program. And most dental assistant programs complete in less than a year!

3) Massage Therapist – This is another certification that is not possible to obtain over the internet. Massage therapy schools are similar to beauty and cosmetology academies in that you can work school around your schedule. It doesn’t matter whether you work a normal nine-to-five job or have an afternoon or evening shift. Most massage therapy schools offer classes that you can easily fit into your schedule.

Each state has different requirements for massage therapists with respect to certifications. Some require a little over 300 hours while others require more than 1,000. Either way, once you’re in massage therapist school, you have a variety of options at your fingertips. You can work for a private clinic, a chain massage franchise or you can go out on your own by starting a personal business.

4) Event Planner – Event planning is more popular than ever. Event planning can be both very rewarding and highly profitable, but it isn’t all about blowing up balloons or cutting slices in a store-bought cake. Event planning – particularly if you get involved with corporate event planning – can be very involved and complex. For this reason, you can earn an associate’s degree in this field to ensure you’re excelling at all levels.

If you are busy but know that you want to become an event planner, online courses can provide training and give you the qualifications required to get your foot in the door at a large agency.

5) Beautician/Cosmetologist – Depending on where you are and what kind of clientele you or the salon you work for is able to attract, becoming a beautician or cosmetologist can be very lucrative. Though earning either title is not possible through online training, beauty academies and cosmetology schools are renowned for working well with people who have busy schedules. If you can find the time, they will make the time to train you. Almost all beauty and cosmetology academies offer night school as well to give you the flexibility you need.

Not only can you take a large number of the courses online, but the remaining classes – those that require you be present in person – are regularly offered by colleges and universities in the evenings.

Regardless of what career move you want to make, you can be relatively certain that if it is trending or in demand, you’ll either be able to study your soon-be career online or attend a school or academy with flexible training options.

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