Pets Rule Halloween: the Top 10 Pet Costumes that Put Them on Top!

Halloween is almost here and we can hardly wait! The spooky decorations, the candy and costumes surround us. But Halloween isn’t just for humans. In fact, dressing up isn’t just for us either, it’s for our pets too!

Perhaps the best thing about this spooktastic holiday is cute furry animals in costumes. Check out our countdown below of the Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Pets for ideas on how to dress your pets!

10) Where’s Waldo?


Looking for Waldo? You’ll probably find him bobbing for apples or mingling near the snack table. And by mingling we do mean hovering near your guests’ feet looking for scraps.

9) Doggie Martini 


Cone of shame? No thanks. We’ll take a barktini with three olives instead. But please remember: shaken, not stirred.

8) Princess Snow White


Snow White, or Grumpy? Dress your cat as Snow White and the costume can double as one of the Seven Dwarfs!

7) Captain Jack Sparrow


Why are the bones always gone?! Dress your pooch up as Captain Jack Sparrow and he’ll live up to the name. Make sure you don’t leave the Halloween candy unattended, or that’ll disappear too! Yarrr Matey!

6) The Mad Hatter 


Emphasis on mad. Your pup will be the hit of the party! Though don’t expect him to stay and sip tea too long, he’ll likely want to cut out early. After all, you don’t want him to be late for a very important date with the White Rabbit.

5) Ewok 


Is your dog’s breed a Shih Tzu, Brussels Griffon or Pekingese? Just throw on the traditional hooded vest and your Ewok will be ready for trick-or-treating! It turns out you don’t need to travel the galaxy to the forest moon of Endor to find Ewoks.

4) Crayola Crayons


Get a group of your best pups together and coordinate for the party. Opt to brighten it up with a box of crayons with a built-in barker. Oops, we mean sharpener!

3) Spider


Resist the urge to burn your house down and use this costume to your benefit. Dress your pooch up as a “woof” spider and you’ll send your trick-or-treaters running for the hills. Grab a handful of candy, sit back, and watch the chaos ensue.

2) Taco


It might be safe to say cats and dogs alike don’t want to taco bout it.

1) Batman & Robin


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na….BATMAN! But don’t forget Robin! If your dog has a buddy, make sure they coordinate. There’s nothing more awkward than showing up to the dog park dressed as the same superhero.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Halloween listings. You really can’t go wrong when you dress your furry-friend for the holiday!