Three Must-Dos for Finding a Valentine!

The season of love is here, and you might be scrambling to find that perfect Valentine’s Day date who will shower you with flowers and candy. However, romance is more than just one day. Instead of focusing on lavish pronouncements of love on Valentine’s Day, seek out a relationship with staying power on!


1. Do Some Personal Inventory

The Personals section is your starting point for finding love on Valentine’s Day. Before you begin interacting behind the computer screen with that possible next true love, think about what you like – and don’t like – in a partner. Reflect on past relationships and identify those traits in exes that you adored and those that may have played a role in the end of your relationship. By identifying those must-have and cannot-have traits, you can better weed through the various Personals categories.

2. Vet Your Possible Dates

Long before you venture out on that butterfly-inducing first date, get to know your potential prospects so that you find someone who shares your goals. When you chat with your potential date over the phone or via email, ask what he or she is looking for in a relationship and talk about successes and failures in past relationships. The more you know about your date, the better you’ll be able to assess whether he or she is a good fit.

3. Showcase Your Personality

When you’re online dating, you want to sell your authentic self and find someone who clicks with you. So, don’t present yourself as someone you’re not. Share photos of the real you, and talk about topics and hobbies that truly interest you. Another way to embrace your authenticity in the often-tricky online dating world is by being clear about what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re seeking a fun fling that kicks off on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re over the dating scene and looking for something serious. Being upfront about your expectations allows you to attract those individuals who are looking for the same type of relationship, increasing your chances of finding love online.

Get lucky in love this Valentine’s Day with the help of! A focused search for your next special someone can help you find the right match for the day of love, and on into the future.