Things to Do With the Kids During Summer Vacation

Ah, summer vacation. For children, it’s usually thrilling ― at first. But boredom can set in quickly. And then all of that restless energy can lead to fights among siblings and messes everywhere.

How do you keep your kids busy and hopefully stay sane yourself? Well, you could try the activities below. In fact, they might be as delightful for you as they are for your children.

1. Visit Outdoor Attractions in Your Hometown

Happily, you don’t have to go far to have fun as a family. At the nearest public park, you can hike, bike and play soccer together for hours. Or you could head to a community swimming pool or a local pond to splash away a lazy afternoon.

2. Camp in Your Yard All Night

Camping on your lawn combines the fun of sleeping outside with the joys of indoor plumbing. You could pitch your tent, toss a ball, read books, gobble down healthy snacks and admire the stars. Don’t forget your bug spray!

3. Get Crafty on Your Kitchen Table

Arts and crafts are enjoyable for children of all ages, and they also build creative muscles. Just cover your table with newspaper and lay out some supplies.

Here are a few nifty things to make: jewelry from uncooked pasta, birthday cards from construction paper, Christmas ornaments from clay and puppets from socks.

4. Head Out on a Road Trip

When you take a trip in your car, your children get to meet people, soak in scenery and sample unfamiliar foods. The journey can really fire up a young person’s sense of adventure.

Better yet, you can throw in a little education by visiting historical sites. Interactive attractions like Iowa’s Living History Farms and inspiring museums like Ohio’s National Underground Railroad Freedom Center let kids see the world from different points of view.

5. Bring Home a New Furry Friend

Spring and summer are ideal for buying a pet. A cat can sun itself all day. It’s easier to housebreak a dog when it’s not freezing. And your kids can have a blast running around with their four-legged bestie.

Shelter and rescue dogs are great pet choices. Just be firm with them about your rules. As long as they know who’s boss, these animals are truly loving and loyal.

Finally, hanging out with your kids is always more pleasurable when you’re present in the moment. So try not to check job-related calls and emails until you go back to work. After all, why wait to swim with your family or play fetch with your dog?