Plan a Spooky Fun “Halloweekend” using!

Halloween is on a Saturday this year. Does that mean we get to celebrate all weekend long? There’s plenty of time to trick, treat, haunt, and spook, so make sure you have the weekend planned to perfection! What’s even better? We have plenty of events rounded up for you for Halloween, which are sure to spook you!

1) Haunted Houses

Halloween would not be complete without a heart-pumping haunted house experience. Do you have what it takes to get through without a scream? Dress up, grab a few close friends, and prepare to be scared! Find out where haunted houses are in your city.


2) Costume Parties

Already have your costume picked out? Go all-out with your outfit, makeup, and hair, and win that Halloween costume contest! Find out where costume parties and masquerade balls in your city are.


3) Fall Festivals

Still haven’t carved out a pumpkin for the front porch? Plan a daytime outing to a local pumpkin patch or a fall festival, and get going on that Jack-o-Lantern! Enjoy some yummy goodies and hot apple cider while you’re out enjoying the crisp autumn air. Find pumpkin patches and fall festivals in your city.


4) Spooktacular Scary Movie Fests

After a day of pumpkins, candy, and costumes, save some time for scary movies! Turn off the lights, pop in the DVD, and snuggle up with popcorn and blankets. Find scary movies near you.


Looking for a Halloween activity we didn’t mention? Continue your search for the perfect holiday event on and have a spooky but Happy Halloween!