Find the Perfect Vehicle for You


Are you looking for a replacement for your current car or is it time to add a second vehicle to your garage? Finding the perfect vehicle for you requires carefully considering a few key points before you make your final decision.

Main Usage

What is the primary purpose of your car? The right vehicle choice for a daily driver is different from a classic car you take out for the occasional Sunday drive. You should also consider the main driver’s experience level. If this is the first car for your teenager, look for a sedan that is easy to handle and that can take some dents and dings. Keep parking in mind when you think about typical usage patterns for your perfect vehicle as well. You don’t want to squeeze an SUV into a street parking space every day, and a small car makes parallel parking easier.

Passenger Capacity

Are you flying solo or is the entire family piling into the car? Look at your vehicle choices to make sure everyone can fit. A cross-country road trip is a lot more comfortable in an RV as opposed to squeezing everyone into a sedan.

Loading and Towing

Work vehicles, such as vans and trucks, need a high load capacity for moving furniture, construction materials, and essential equipment. Look at the vehicle’s weight and towing capacity and check for extras such as trailer hitches. Some vehicles may have useful aftermarket parts designed for specific trades, such as landscaping or contracting.

Maintenance Requirements

Used cars come in many models and conditions, from the practically brand new sports car to the 30-year-old work van. In general, you deal with more maintenance on an older vehicle with high mileage. Some vehicles, such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Yaris, are known for being relatively low maintenance even when they have a lot of miles on the engine. Get maintenance records for used vehicles if possible, especially if the vehicle has had major parts replaced.

Bells and Whistles

Do you love the idea of a smart car that allows playlists stored on your phone to sync directly with your stereo, or headrests that are more sophisticated than your home computer? Make a list of your must-have bells and whistles, such as a leather interior, upgraded sound system, or heated seats.

When you create a list of must-haves based on these criteria, it’s easy to narrow down your car choices. The perfect vehicle is out there for you; you simply need to establish your priorities when you look through listings.