See Why You Should Own a Ford Escape Now

U.S. News Best Cars states that since Ford introduced this popular SUV in 2001, it’s become one of the most sought after in its class. Through the years, the Ford Escape has been offered in a variety of models and styles. The following are reasons you should own a Ford Escape.

Beautiful Styling

The first thing you’ll usually notice about any car is the styling and design of the vehicle. The Ford Escape is an SUV that’s attractive and will immediately catch your eye, and the 2017 model has more refined and distinctive styling than previous models. There are even several gorgeous colors to choose from. Not only is it appealing on the outside, but the interior has also been a top selling point for the Escape.

Responsive Driving

Good handling is always a plus in any car. The Ford Escape provides sharp but smooth, easy handling, and some might even compare it to that of a car. This vehicle is especially fun to drive in rural areas. You’ll enjoy the sporty feel and the control you’ll have when driving over uneven terrain. Even though you’ll find pleasure in driving the Escape in more rugged areas, you’ll still have a comfortable and quiet ride.

Good Fuel Economy

Saving money on gas is always a good reason to consider almost any vehicle. According to, the new Ford Escape models average about 24 mpg in city and highway — which is considered above average for fuel economy.

Premium Features

Through the years, the Ford Escape has offered quite a few base features; however, it also offers a lot of extra features. For example, the Escape Titanium has extras such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated seats and a top-of-the-line Sony audio system. Whatever extra features you’re looking for in a vehicle, you’re sure to find a Ford Escape on the market that has what you’re looking for.


A car that rates high when it comes to safety is always a strong point when considering a new purchase. The Ford Escape has received high safety ratings through the years. The SUV has consistently offered plenty of safety features including night vision, child safety locks and lane departure warnings. There are also driver, passenger, side and rear air bags available.

What You Should Expect to Pay

When buying a new 2018 Ford Escape, you can expect to pay around $24,000. If you want a higher end model loaded with lots of premium features, you’ll pay in the $35,000 range. A used Escape can vary considerably, depending on things such as the age of the car and how many miles it has. It is possible to find a used Escape, as recent as 2017, for under $20,000 with only a few thousand miles. It’s also possible to find a used Ford Escape for well under $10,000 if it’s more than a few years old.

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The Ford Escape is a popular vehicle that looks stylish, provides a smooth ride and offers a lot of great features. Be sure to check out when looking for your own Ford Escape.