Football Tailgate Party Checklist –

Let’s cut to the chase and be real – tailgating with friends or family is a big part of the fun of football season! There’s nothing better than dressing up head-to-toe in team colors and showing up hours before kickoff to get extra pumped up for the game.

What’s not so good about tailgating? Forgetting the items that are essential to having a good time. We’re here to help make sure this doesn’t happen to you!


1. Food & Beverage Necessities:

Portable Grill – Likely the most important thing to bring is the fooooood! (Other than the tickets to the game and your friends or family, of course.)

Ice or Food Cooler – We know many of you wouldn’t leave home without it, what else will help keep the brews or sodas cold?!

2. For Your Setup:

Canopy or Picnic Tent – Rain or shine, weather is likely to be stubborn throughout the season. A canopy or a picnic tent is essential to keeping everyone together and not letting Mother Nature get her way.

Folding Chairs – You want to be comfortable. Well, that’s if you aren’t so amped up that you want to stand or be active the entire time.

3. Entertainment & Extras:

Radio or Wireless Speakers – You’ll want music; this is how you get ready for the game!

Football – Let’s face it, you’re here to watch a football game which means you love the sport. Bring a ball and play catch with your buddies, we guarantee they will thank you later for it.

And finally, and this might seem obvious to most, but don’t forget your tickets! Nothing is more stressful than showing up to tailgate and realizing you left your tickets behind.

We’re excited to welcome fall and football season. It’s a wonderful time of the year!