Featured Job: Massage Therapist

Whether it’s for therapeutic reasons or just for relaxation, most of us love a good massage. Becoming a massage therapist can be a very rewarding career. There are several great reasons why you would want to consider a career in massage therapy.

Massage Therapists Are in Demand

With more of us under stress than ever before, people are seeking out a good massage therapist to help relax, release tension and soothe aching muscles. Massage therapy is not only used for relaxation but can be used as a form of preventative health care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that you should expect an increase in the need for massage therapists in the coming years. They’ve estimated that there will be a 22 percent increase in the demand for therapists through 2024.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

Most massage therapists don’t have to adhere to a strict 9-to-5 schedule. There are lots of different businesses and companies that hire massage therapists. You may be able to find employment at doctor’s offices, clinics and spas. Hotels and businesses are increasingly hiring therapists to offer these services to their guests and employees. Working as a massage therapist would allow you to enjoy a varied work schedule.

Be Your Own Boss

While many therapists work for someone else, there is also great potential to venture out on your own. Starting your own business as a massage therapist will likely not involve as much overhead as many other types of businesses. If you have your own office, you won’t need a very large space. It’s also possible to run a massage therapy business from your home. You can also operate a traveling business, in which you would take your equipment to other people’s homes or offices.

Make a Good Income

As a massage therapist, you have the potential to make a good income whether you’re working full- or part-time. Happy Lifestyle Journal states that you can generally charge a dollar a minute as a massage therapist. At $60 an hour, working 40 hours would bring in $2,400 a week. It’s important to remember that if you work for someone else, they will take a percentage of the pay. Working for yourself would include a certain amount in overhead and taxes to keep track of. Even with these expenses, a career as a massage therapist could provide a good income.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Massage therapy is an excellent career choice because it won’t require years of college or extensive training. Becoming a licensed massage therapist includes getting certified. Standards for working in this field vary in each state. Some states have different levels of massage therapy licenses. Depending on the area you live in and what type of certification you’re striving for, you can likely complete training in anywhere from a few months to a year or so. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, there are a few general steps you need to take to start a career as a massage therapist.

  • Look for a program that is accredited.
  • Complete a program in massage therapy.
  • After finishing the program, become certified in the state you wish to practice.

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With future demand increasing and flexible options available, there are obviously many benefits to pursuing a career as a massage therapist. You can find customers or place your own ads on ClassifiedAds.com. Make sure to use our website to help build a successful career.