Choosing the Best Type of Mattress – Which One?

If you’ve been tossing and turning, the problem could be stress. Or, it could simply be your worn-out mattress. If you can’t remember when you bought it, the mattress is likely more to blame for your insomnia than are work and family issues. Having a comfortable bed is critical for great sleep, and great sleep is needed for optimal health. In fact, a great mattress can help stave off health issues like obesity, depression, heart disease, and even the common cold or flu.

Is It Time to Buy a New Mattress?

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can rob you of the deep, restorative sleep that your body needs. Sleep apnea expert Terry Cralle, who is also a registered nurse, certified clinical sleep educator and consultant for the American Sleep Apnea Association, says “Our sleep surface comfort requirements change over time because our bodies change over time.” Losing or gaining weight, having an injury or arthritis, or becoming more active can change your mattress needs.

Even very expensive and high-quality mattresses do wear out eventually, so it’s important to spot the signs that it’s time to replace your mattress.

  • Pain – If you wake up with neck or back pain, aches and stiffness, it might be time to scout for a mattress that suits the current version of you better.
  • Insomnia – Tossing and turning aren’t normal, and waking up all night long isn’t either, unless you have sleep apnea.
  • You sleep like a baby elsewhere – This is a telltale sign. If you sleep well on vacation or on the couch in front of the TV, your mattress may be overdue for a replacement.
  • Dents, oh my! – If there is a dent where you lay, that mattress needs to go! Visible sags means it’s time to put it on the curb.
  • Allergy and asthma symptoms – If you suddenly have lots of respiratory symptoms, the allergens in your mattress could be the problem.

What Type of Mattress Is Best?

There are three main types of mattresses available, though there are hybrid models as well. The type you need depends on your personal preferences. Let’s take a look:

Memory foam – These mattresses are made entirely of memory foam, and they’re known for pressure relief and great support. The newest versions have advanced cooling properties, too.

Innerspring – Coil (innerspring) mattresses have layers of springs covered in plush bedding to provide comfort and support. A higher number of coils means greater support.

Adjustable air – These offer the ability to change and customize the firmness for your individual preferences. You can individualize your comfort level at any time for optimal sleep.

Shopping Tips for Your New Mattress

No matter what type of mattress you decide to buy, here are some tips to follow:

  • Lie down to test it – Seriously, you can’t know if it’s comfortable without getting cozy in the showroom.
  • Check return policies – Hopefully, the mattress you pick will be perfect, but it’s better to find out the return policy ahead of time, just in case.
  • Haggle on the price – Furniture has a lot of markup, so asking for a discount is almost expected.
  • Don’t be bullied into buying a box spring – If you don’t need a box spring, don’t buy one. Often, box springs last much longer than a mattress, and many new styles of beds don’t even require one.
  • Know the warranty – Make sure you understand how the mattress warranty works in case it has defects or other issues.
  • Test it out at home – Once your new mattress is delivered, give it several nights of testing to see how well you sleep.

Hopefully, our tips have helped you decide if you need a new mattress, what type will be best for you and how to buy one. Check out the website for some great deals on mattresses right now.