Buyers Guide: Top 3 Used Luxury Cars

A brand new luxury vehicle might not be an option right now. But, when shopping the used car market, there are plenty of deals to be found. You don’t need to skimp for an economy model — at worst, go a few years older and still spoil yourself with the convenience that a luxury car offers.

Three cars come to mind when thinking of extravagant driving at an affordable price-point: Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lexus. Take a look below for a rundown of the used options from each of these luxury car makers.

Used Mercedes Benz

One of the most popular luxury cars around is the Mercedes Benz C-Class. This car is relatively fuel efficient, with most models attaining a 21-28 combined highway and city gas mileage. For instance, the 2010 model achieves 26 mpg on the highway and 18 mpg in the city. Stick with premium gasoline though, as using E85 flex-fuel will drop your gas mileage by more than 25 percent.

Some other key points:

  • Engine options: One thing that makes the Mercedes hot is the choice of either a straight-six or straight-eight style engine.
  • Comforting features: With most used Mercedes models, you get the full experience of driving comfort — a sunroof, heated seats, auto climate control and even heated mirrors.
  • Award-winning: Mercedes regularly wins awards, and their 2015 lineup is the perfect example as it took awards for World Luxury Car, World Performance Car and World Car of the Year.

Check out nearby local Mercedes dealers to see what’s on their lots. Two of the top 10 used luxury cars are made by Mercedes — the C-Class and E-Class/CLS-Class. Given how popular these models are, there’s often a Mercedes used car deal available at a local dealership.

Used BMW

Who doesn’t love a Beamer? Holding three of the top 10 spots, this manufacturer is the most successful luxury car maker around. Between the 3, 4 and 5 Series, there’s a perfect car for everyone.

Here’s what makes this choice of luxury car so awesome:

  • Affordable convertibles: Anyone wishing to own a convertible can do so with an older BMW; the E93 models from 2006-2011 offer this and even include HID Xenon headlights.
  • Sporty drive: You can reach 60 mph with the 335i in five seconds, or six-and-a-half seconds with the 328i model.
  • Interior comfort: Professionals especially love the luxury interior from the BMW 3 Series, the least pricey BMW line which provides GPS navigation, heated leather sets, elegant wood trim and much more.

On the fence and not sure which model to buy? The BMW 5 Series is the most appealing option, although it’s a little pricier. The BMW X5 or BMW X1 are two other options if you’re looking for a luxury SUV instead.

Used Lexus

While the maintenance and replacement parts cost more for a Lexus, it is a terrific alternative to the commonly chosen BMW and Mercedes cars. For V8 fanatics, this maker is a premium choice — you’ll love the Lexus IS F in particular, which sports a 416 HP V8 engine (2011 model).

What else you’ll love about owning a Lexus:

  • Economic SUVs: You will appreciate all the RX 350 has to offer, such as lovely executive leather interior, an eight-speed transmission and even dual-screen backseat displays for the kids.
  • Sporty SUVs: The LX 570 holds eight passengers, utilizes its V8 power to push up to 383 hp and comes in four-wheel drive.
  • Powerful sedans: The GS series features sedans with 306-338 hp, the LS models run 360-386 hp and even the LS Hybrid versions range from 360-386 hp.


Shopping for a luxury vehicle does not mean subjecting yourself to crazy MSRP valuations. Affordable options are available when you purchase a model that’s even just a few years old. The key is to buy used, and can help with that when hundreds of luxury car deals get posted on the site each day!