The Best Types of Homes for Rent on

Whether you’re looking for an apartment, a large, stand-alone home or something in between, there’s something perfect for you on Here are a few of the types of homes featured on the site.

The Urban Apartment

Big-city folks can find the perfect apartment to rent in the Big Apple, San Francisco, or any major metro area. There are many one-bedroom apartments in New York City that are perfect for a young couple or a single working professional. While the units may have a single bedroom, bathroom and a small, separate area for the kitchen, many of them feature brand new stainless steel appliances. Most urban apartments also a small living room, and while the apartments lack size, they make up for this shortcoming with a prime location. Whether in the middle of New York City, Chicago, L.A., or any other major metro area, you can find the perfect apartment on

The Single Family Home

Young couples and new parents can find cozy small homes for rent on as well. There are many one- and two-bedroom homes to choose from in cute, quiet neighborhoods. The best part: They’re almost always listed at a very affordable price. Many include recent kitchen updates and a garage. Plus, they’re usually located in safe neighborhoods across the country. While these homes may not come with gigantic yards and tons of bedrooms, the small, safe communities in which they are placed make up for the lack of splendor. The perfect renter for a place like this is a young couple with or without children. Does this sound like you? Find a similar place in your area.

The Beach House

Renters after life in a beach town can also find the home of their dreams on There are many homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to choose from, located just outside of many beaches on either coast. When it’s a short drive, or even a walk, to the beach, who can complain? Many beach homes sit in a gated community, which is a major plus for families with children. The biggest downside of true beach homes is their distance from downtown metro areas, which may present difficulties for commuters. Residents will need to hop on the freeway, which means dealing with a lot of rush hour traffic. However, the deck or patio or even a fenced-in yard, not to mention the proximity to the beach, provide renters the perfect oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city. Looking for a place like this? You can find your perfect match on