Affordable Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Crowded restaurants, prix fixe menus, and pricey bouquets of roses might not be your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day. Think beyond the dressy dinner out, and discover casual and affordable ways to enjoy some Valentine’s Day romance.


1. Fire Up the Romance

Cozy up with your valentine away from crowded restaurants. Set a fire pit in your own backyard, and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with that special someone. A warm blanket and a night under the stars add romance to any relationship. Check out the Lawn & Garden category for an outdoor fire pit and other outdoor furniture to set the mood for your Valentine’s Day date al fresco.

2. Find a Live Performance

If you and your valentine share a love of music or art, look for a local concert or festival featuring the artists that you enjoy. Surprise your valentine with tickets to a big show, and wrap up your day with a cocktail at a nearby pub.

3. Take in the Great Outdoors

Nature lovers can celebrate Valentine’s Day outdoors. Pick your favorite local hiking trail or beach, and create a scavenger hunt for your valentine. Guide that special someone through a scenic trail with hints and clues leading up to a gift – jewelry and electronics are always safe choices – waiting at the end of the trail.

4. Wine and Dine at Home

Skip the crowded restaurant and opt for a wine and cheese tasting at home. Do a little research on which cheeses pair with which wines, and surprise your valentine with a romantic night in. Browse the Collectibles category for a set of antique wine glasses or other unique items to use for your date.

5. Work on a Project Together

Creative couples can bond by working on a special project together. Peruse the Art & Crafts category for inspiration, and set aside a weekend where you and your love can paint an abstract piece for your home. Create a piece that showcases your ability to work together and lets you bond in new and creative ways.

6. Cook Your First-Date
Dinner at Home

Go on your first date, all over again, this Valentine’s Day by recreating your first-date meal at home. Perhaps you enjoyed a first date of tacos and margaritas. Recreate that meal at home, allowing you and your partner to reflect on where your love first blossomed. Browse the Household & Furniture category for cookery and dishes.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an expensive, lavish day spent in crowded restaurants or florist shops. Enjoy a romantic and affordable date night that you’ll both be talking about for years to come with a little help from!