A Perfect Home – ClassifiedAds.com’s 6 Steps to Home Improvement

If you’ve been putting off starting that remodeling project – we completely understand! It can be very daunting to figure out how to start tackling such a big task, and that’s ok! We did the initial thinking for you! Here are 6 simple steps that will put you on track to a great looking home:

Step 1: Get inspired!

Walk around your house with a notepad. Stand in each room, close your eyes, and imagine the changes you want to make. Then, browse the web, your friends’ home photos, or a few Pinterest boards such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, HGTV, and Bed Bath & Beyond for inspiration. Don’t forget to bookmark images and links for reference, or pin them to a new board on your Pinterest page! Use your notepad to sketch or write out the renovations you want to make in your own home.


Step 2: Do your research

Find out how long the renovations will last and how much you should expect to pay for everything (service fees, tools, materials, etc.). Be sure to thoroughly research timelines and costs right away, it’s easy to get put behind or over budget, so you’ll want to keep a close eye on that! Do you have friends who have recently renovated a home? Give them a call, or post something on your social networks and elicit feedback from friends who’ve done similar projects. You’ll want to bounce ideas off of them, but you should also browse online resources, join remodeling or renovating forums, and use our website to contact contractors who can help complete the work you can’t do.

Step 3: Figure out budget and timeline

As mentioned, once you’ve established a range of prices and potential timelines, you need to set a maximum budget and maximum time you’re willing to invest in the project. Need help determining how much you can allow yourself to spend? Find a financial advisor who can help you analyze your financial situation. PRO TIP: You’ll want to ask contractors right away how much things will cost so you can get things done on your budget. And, don’t think that you can’t negotiate the hourly rate with them. There are several contractors out there and you should be able to find someone who can work with your budget.

Step 4: Gather the proper paperwork

This is an important step! Figure out which paperwork you need to prepare, including homeowner’s insurance, contracts, and permits. Don’t be careless and make sure to be ready with the necessary documents. If you’re not sure what you need, seek the expertise of legal advisors who specialize in this area.


Step 5: Hire a professional contractor

Probably the hardest part of the process is finding a trustworthy and efficient contractor or company. Keep in mind that this individual or team will be walking around your home and helping you execute the project. It’s recommended that you contact several contractors and discuss each one’s skills and professionalism in handling a project such as yours before you make decisions to make big changes to your home.

Step 6: Prepare for the weeks ahead

So now you’ve settled on a contractor and located the resources you need, signed all of the important paperwork, and thought through the logistics of the project. It’s time to take a deep breath, and maybe book a massage, or spend some time at a vacation home to de-stress. Depending on your housing situation, you may also need to consider staying at a rental while the renovations take place to avoid the headache of the construction.

You’re finished with the remodel, now what?

Be proud of what has been accomplished! Take a moment to enjoy the newly renovated parts of the house! Think about the furniture and decorations for the newly renovated space and once you’re finished, be sure to share your experience of the remodel with us. We’d love to see your before/after pictures and plans on our Facebook wall, as well as hear how it all went.


Consider us when you need help finding contractors, or locating special services needed to get the job done. Best of luck and happy home renovating!