3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Living Space

Clutter is hard to live with, because it not only destroys the beauty of your home, but it also creates stress and can wreak havoc with your peace of mind. With the new year at hand, these tips can help you perform that sweeping decluttering project on your house or apartment.

1. Get Organized

This might sound easier said than done, but you can keep from getting overwhelmed by decluttering each room — or area — one at a time.

Make four bins: one for items that should go into storage (if you have a storage area), one for things that are past recycling and need to be thrown out, one for items that you probably can’t get any money for but you can donate to charity, and one for items that you can sell.

2. Identify What You Don’t Need Anymore

Here’s a hint: It’s easier to start your decluttering project in your kitchen, because it’s the area that’s least likely to be filled with sentimental objects. You probably don’t have any romantic memories of those jelly glasses you saved, and you can probably get quite a bit for that cartoon character waffle iron that you used only twice. Go systematically through every cabinet and drawer, and if you don’t use an item, toss it in the appropriate bin.

Next, tackle high-clutter areas such as closets and bedrooms. When it comes to clothing, be ruthless; those platform shoes aren’t practical anymore, and hot pants probably aren’t going to come back in style. If you haven’t worn something in the last two years, get rid of it.

If you haven’t played a CD or video in years, let it go. The same goes for electronics and household gadgets. You don’t need to keep your last two tablets, since you upgraded last year, and you don’t need three DVD players. If you haven’t used something within the last year, chances are you won’t use it this year, either.

3. Sell Your Items

A good motivator is to remind yourself that you can make money from your clutter. Here’s how to transform your clutter into cash:

  • Organize your clutter: Divide it into categories, such as clothing, electronics, CD’s and videos.
  • Clean up your clutter: Polish up those CD and video discs and cases, clean and press your clothing, and dust off those household goods and electronics so that they look really good.

Here are two effective ways to sell your clutter:

  • ClassifiedAds: By posting on ClassifiedAds.com, you can potentially reach thousands of buyers who might be looking for the very item you’re trying to get rid of. Posting is completely free, and you can also post photos as well.
  • Yard sales: Thousands of people wake up each morning thinking “Is there a yard sale near me?” Yard sales attract legions of enthusiasts and bargain hunters. To attract maximum attention for your sale, post an ad on ClassifiedAds.com. As with items posted for sale, yard sale ads are completely free as well.

3 Tips to Prevent Future Clutter

  1. Control your spending. That rooster-shaped egg cooker is cute, but if you know that you’ll probably only use it a couple of times, don’t buy it.
  2. Create a “home” for every object, so that it “lives” there. If it gets moved, put it back where it belongs.
  3. Make decluttering a twice-a-year project.

By overhauling the clutter in your home, then disciplining your buying habits and systematically performing decluttering, you can take the stress of too many objects out of your life. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy your home or apartment the way you used to, before clutter took over your living space.