How to Hold a Garage or Yard Sale

Holding a garage or yard sale is a great way to raise money and purge your home. Remember, what you view as old and unnecessary may very well become someone else’s gently used treasure. Here’s how to hold a profitable garage or yard sale.

1. Start Early

Start gathering items for your garage sale at least a month in advance. It’s very easy to wait until a week or two before the sale and run out of time to sort through all your belongings. Allowing yourself four full weeks to prepare can translate into higher profits.

2. Be Ruthless

Commit to selling anything you haven’t used in a year’s time, including clothing, toys, shoes, collectibles and appliances. Don’t forget to offer books, photo frames and certain broken items as well. For example, many people are willing to buy broken lawn mowers and hardware items to fix up or re-purpose. Just be honest about their condition.

3. Get the Right Equipment

While you don’t need much equipment for a garage sale, a table or two for smaller, delicate or special items will come in handy for keeping such pieces off the ground. Large storage tubs can hold things like books and toys, and obtaining a clothing rack or two ensures that your customers can easily search through your clothing. Set furniture and large toys and appliances directly on the well-mowed and raked ground. A tagging gun lets you apply a price to every item, and poster board and magic markers are great for creating signs that draw the attention of passersby.

4. Set a Date

The weekends are the best time to hold yard sale as more people are off work and have the free time to peruse your offerings. Many people run garage sales between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on these days. Additionally, you may sell more if you schedule your sale for two days rather than just one.

5. Promote Your Sale

You’ll get more shoppers to your sale if you promote in advance. Advertise to your community via a free classified in the Garage Sale category of Then, put flyers up around your neighborhood on telephone poles and laundromat, community center and grocery store bulletin boards. Don’t forget to post about your sale on social media sites as well. Start advertising two weeks in advance, making an extra promotional push the day before your event.

With the proper planning and setup, you can make a pretty penny on your gently used items. Create your ad today at