How to delete your ad

Welcome to!   Here is a step by step guide on how to delete an ad you have posted.

How to begin

To make any changes to your ads or account, you must be logged in. You can log in by clicking the “Log In” link at the top right hand corner of the page. You will need to enter your email address and your password. If you do not remember your password, you can click the “Don’t know password” link to have a copy of it sent to your email.

“Your Stuff”

Once you are logged in you should be on the “Your Stuff” page. On this page you can view any messages that you have received, all the ads that you have posted, and your personal information. 

Now, to delete your ad click the “Delete” button to the right of the ad. A pop up message will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the ad. Please be aware that once you delete an ad the action cannot be undone. If you are ready to delete your ad click “Ok”.


Congratulations! You have successfully deleted your ad. If you need to make any further changes to your account simply go back to the “Your Stuff” page by clicking the link at the top of the page. You can post another free ad by clicking the “Post an ad” link or you can browse our listings by clicking the “” logo in the top left corner. If you are done using your account and would like to log out, simply click the “Log out” link in the bottom left corner of the page.

Thank you for using!

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