How to create a password

Welcome to!   Our site is 100% free to post ads, browse ads, and respond to ads. Once you post your first free ad an account will be created for you.  To log back in to your account after your first visit, you will need to create a password.  Here are a few different ways to accomplish that!

Post a free ad

Once you post your first free ad an account will automatically be created for you. One way to create a password is to go to the “Your Stuff” page right after posting your first ad and click the “Edit Settings” button in the “Your Settings” section. On the page that follows you will be able to enter in a password.  You can also create a password by clicking any of the links located in the confirmation email we send you after your ad has been posted.

Another way to create a password for your account is by clicking the “Don’t know password” link on the Log In page. You will be prompted to enter your email address and then click “Continue” to have an email sent to you with a link to create your password.

New  – Log In with Facebook

We recently launched a new feature on our site that allows you to either create an account without posting an ad, or access an existing account by logging in through Facebook. To log in this way, simply go to our Log in page and click the blue “Log in with Facebook” button. You will be required to enter your Facebook log in credentials. If you do not already have an account with us, this will create a new account for you. If you have an existing account that uses the same email address as your Facebook log in, you will be signed into that account. If you have an existing account that was created using a different email address than the one used to log in to Facebook, a separate account will be created in our system.

If you do not post an ad and you create an account instead by logging in through Facebook, you will not receive the confirmation email that contains links to create a password. You will need to either create the password on the “Your Stuff” page (mentioned above) or click the “Don’t know password” link on our log in page to have an email sent to you.


We hope this tutorial was helpful and you were able to successfully create a password for your account. If you experienced any problems or have any questions feel free to send us Feedback on our “Contact us” page.

Thank you for using!

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