Baby on the Way? Get Ready With!

Babies sure do need a lot of equipment! If you have a baby on the way, you’re probably wondering just what you need to prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy (and just what can wait for later). Here’s some insight into the basics to buy to get you started.

Before Baby Arrives

There are a number of things you’ll need before baby makes his or her grand appearance, including a crib and bedding, blankets of various sizes, diapers, and such personal care items as baby lotion, shampoo, nail clippers, an infant-sized comb and brush, nursery monitor and an infant thermometer. Though you can pick up many of these things later, baby’s transition to home will be smoother if you already have them in place.

At the Hospital

In most cases, the hospital or birthing center you choose will supply what you need for the baby right after birth, but it’s a good idea to prepare for the trip home. You’ll need a car seat, and you may want a car seat cover to keep baby comfortable in bad weather. You’ll also need a diaper bag stocked with diapers, wipes, and a change of clothing. Of course, you’ll need a season-appropriate outfit to bring baby home in. Opt for something cute, for all of those photo ops, but comfortable for baby and easy to put on and take off. Don’t forget a few things for the parents too, such as a book to pass the time, lip gloss, and a comfortable change of clothing.


Babies grow out of clothing surprisingly quickly, so don’t break the bank on newborn sizes. Instead, limit yourself to the following:

  • Onsies (several)
  • Pajamas (several)
  • Socks (several)
  • Hats (one or two)
  • Outfits (a few)
  •  A sweater
  • A winter coat or snowsuit (depending on the climate and the season)

Getting Around With Baby

Besides the car seat that you already have covered for the ride home, you’ll need a stroller for walks with baby. Keep in mind that there are some stroller/car seat combination options that allow you to lift the car seat out and attach it to the stroller instead of removing baby from the car seat. This can prove particularly handy when you’re dealing with a sleepy or cranky infant or bad weather. You may also need a sling or other type of baby carrier and a jogging stroller if you plan to be active with baby.

Fortunately, there’s no need to search high and low for the items you need for your new baby. Search the Items for Sale section of for everything from cribs to strollers.